3 strings for the King

Admittedly a very cheesy title.  However, this is the title I’m giving to a valuable lesson I learned playing electric guitar in a previous church worship band.  The well-trained and truly talented electric player in the band and I were both assigned electric guitar one week.  At that time, I was all about using all 6 strings.  The other player got frustrated with that and in the rehearsal he admonished me for using so many strings.

He then proceeded to show me that I really only needed to use typically 3 strings at a time in my rhythm playing and very rarely use the bottom two strings as a modern worship band electric guitar player.

I had been a mostly acoustic player in the band and the ‘strum-em all’ approach worked to an extent, but just did not translate well to electric in the band setting.

It was a watershed moment for me and changed my playing style for the positive more than any other comment/lesson/instruction/video had ever done before.

Today, I visited Troy’s site: Guitar for His glory and one of Troy’s lessons gets right to this point – his lesson on inversions is valuable for anyone wanting to get out of the open chord rut and progress to a mix of rhythm/lead that is so typical in modern worship songs.


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