Black Holes – or not?

Well, whether they exist or not seems to be now a question.

We all are trying to explain our existence.  This is an interesting development in the world of theoretical physics – Black Holes, taken for granted to exist for decades by the best astrophysicists in the world, now perhaps do not exist after all.  As a Christian, I am not going to cast ‘told you so’ looks to Hawking and others, but sympathize with them.  I believe we all are trying to explain why and how we are here.  This recent revelation by the scientific community simply sheds more light on why I choose to believe the unbelievable God, and that I have to continually check in with that belief.  What I mean by this is that if I could fully explain God and His creation by my puny human mind, or even by believing what our collective puny minds could conceive as explaining our universe as the end-all, be-all, well, that’s a sad end to existence is it not?  I choose to believe in a God that is unexplainable, who can create in ways that our collective humanity could never hope to explain.  This God, who I believe spoke the universe into existence, could surely do it in ways that confound our minds, could He not?  If He could not, then I don’t think He is worthy of worship and awe.  But if He can, that is, create and redeem in completely unexplainable ways, then my friends, He is worthy of my worship and awe and gratitude.  My heart’s longing for something beyond this world and beyond explanation – C.S. Lewis stated that longing is evidence of the existence of God, and that surely resonates with me.  Lewis was certainly much smarter than I am, and in his words I find both mystery and surety.  I’m also thankful for scientists, who are trying their best to explain existence by formula and theory.  Ultimately, I am thankful for a God who breathed and all was so, and who is so incredibly creative and mysterious, and majestic.  To me, a Being such as this is worthy of my devotion and worship, respect, fear and love.  This is a bit more important than learning the right guitar parts for the next new worship song our team will bring to our congregation – it’s at the back of it, and that’s pretty serious business!


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