Is Singing Required?

Found a link to this blog post on my Facebook wall today.  The author writes out a list of tips on how to engage a congregation to sing along; even to the point of offering some lessons on it.

I can’t say that I fully agree with all of the points, but there are some interesting points in the post and the comments which followed which have caused me to think.

I am of the opinion that Paul’s exhortations to the churches in Ephesus and Colossi (sp?) are pretty clear that we are to sing with one another.

What do you think?  What does Paul mean: “Sing together if you feel like it”, or “This is something you should do out of respect for Christ” or something different?

Thankfully, I can say that the congregation I find myself in these days sings together heartily.  I consider it a great privilege and encouragement to hear and see my fellow congregants declaring words of truth about our Creator, our Savior and our Helper collectively and with conviction.

We are not all great singers.  I often find my bass/baritone voice often cracking when reaching for the higher notes in much of modern worship music, some because I haven’t really been ‘practicing’ during the week, some because it’s just not my range.  I hope that when my voice does crack, I am contributing to the collective worship, not unlike how stadiums full of soccer/football fans will sing rousing songs of cheer for Chelsea, Everton, Chivas, Real Madrid, Man-U, etc.  In my son’s Playstation 3 FIFA14 game, the fans singing songs of praise for football teams is included in the fake crowd noise.  Can’t tell me that those tens of thousands are necessarily talented when they sing with gusto.  But it’s part of the privilege of being together in the stadium, when there are millions wishing that they could be there as well.

Not everyone enjoys music nor singing.  I like most music, but I will admit that most ‘musicals’ where people are walking down the street and having a normal conversation in what serves as a good story – suddenly break into song and swing around a lamp-post or two – that just creeps me out.  Some have even been discouraged from singing in their past from a Simon Cowell wannabe.  But it’s hard to ignore Paul’s exhortation to two different churches.  At least for me.


UPDATE: This article in Relevant really hits home on the need for collective worship.


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