February Album Writing Month

To the legions of readers and contributors to Worship Band Wingman, I apologize that this will likely be the only post for the month of February.  I’ve taken up the crazy challenge of writing 14 songs this month at the February Album Writing Month website http://www.fawm.org  .  A few worship songs will result from me and the thousands of participants in this yearly challenge.  Hopefully I can share one here before the month is out.

In place of a weekly post, I will add a few links to some blogs that I have been reading that you might find interesting:

For church audio folks, the listeners of church audio, and for worship team members – this blog on running audio in churches is the best out there:  http://www.behindthemixer.com/

For worship leaders and worship team members – well I guess also for audio guys as well, I like reading Glen Packiam’s blog: http://glennpackiam.typepad.com/

Let’s continue to remember that prompting our congregations to worship God collectively is our role, not to perform or wow or astound.



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